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Industrial salt

is especially effective for use in the:
• Food industry
• Preparation of food for livestock
• Tanning industry
• Textile industry
• Winter food for livestock and wild animals

Industrial sea salt is dried (less than 3% moisture) and is available in different particle sizes according to the precise needs of the users. Anti-caking agent is added depending on how it will be used.

MA.CO.T produces and packages this type of salt in the following types of packaging:
• PE bags 8 kg, 25 kg, 50 kg and
• Jumbo bags 1000-1200 kg.

Cooking salt

Asides from the fact that salt makes food tasty, it is an ingredient without which our organism cannot function. Cooking sea salt, no matter what its natural contents of iodine are, is iodised and contains between 20-30 mg/kg iodine. The standard fine MA.CO.T cooking salt has less than 1% moisture content.

The raw materials for our product comes from the cleanest Mediterranean coast, far from industry and large cities, and is acquired in a traditional way through the evaporation of sea water from salt basins with the aid of the sun.