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In the Middle Ages, SEA SALT was an essential cargo for all the caravans that travelled from the Mediterranean into the interior. Even after centuries of development and the adoption of modern technology, salt still remains essentially the same. We at MA.CO.T are more than aware of this.

The firm MA.CO.T. was founded in 1992, and engages in the production and packaging of salt. The raw materials for our product come from the cleanest coast of the Mediterranean, far from industry and large towns. We place the processed salt on the Slovenian, Croatian, Austrian, Hungarian and the Bosnian Herzegovinian markets.

The headquarters of the firm are located in the industrial zone of Kukuljanovo, which is on the outskirts of Rijeka, and is extremely near to the ports of Rijeka and Bakar, the Zagreb-Rijeka motorway, as well as the motorway junction for Split. At the end of 2005, our new distribution centre opened which has a covered warehouse for salt that encloses an area of 3000m2.

As a result of growing needs, and the ever-increasing number of newly built and reconstructed roads, the requirement for new storage capacity has occurred. We have responded to this by building a new warehouse, which asides from storage, has all the other facilities necessary for the preparation of salt.


25 years with you


In its current phase, the building has an enclosed space of 3000m2 at its disposal, in which there is office space of two hundred m2, and the rest is foreseen for the storage of about 10,000 tonnes of bulk salt. Included in this is a production line for milling and packaging that has a capacity of 100 tonnes a day in packages of 50kg.

In the second phase of building, we plan to introduce an automated packing system in order to increase capacity. We also plan to establish an automated system that will fill tank and tipper lorries with ordinary salt and salt for silos, which will be done by conveyor belt so that the vehicle does not have to enter the warehouse. These plans also include making part of the area functional for the processing and packaging of cooking salt.

When combined with the old warehouse (2800m2), which is also fully functional, we can store more than 20000 tonnes of processed salt that is ready for distribution. Concerning the section for road salt, the entire complex ends with a weighbridge, as well as the computerised tracking of deliveries and orders. As a result, we are ready to react extremely quickly and totally independently of weather conditions.



A little salt into coffee will reduce the bitterness of over-roasted coffee and will enhance its aroma.


Remove stains on the carpet by rubbing them straight away with alcohol that has a little salt added to it.

Health and beauty

Against fatigue – relax for at least ten minutes in a bath where you have added a few handfuls of salt.

Other uses

Candles – soak new candles in a strong salt solution for a few hours, and then dry them well. When the candles burn they won’t drip.

Our satisfied customers

We place the processed salt on the Slovenian, Croatian, Austrian, Hungarian and the Bosnian Herzegovinian markets.