The firm MA.CO.T. was founded in 1992

during the last 25 years the firm MA.CO.T has been profiled as one of the leading suppliers of salt in the Republic of Croatia, as well in neighbouring countries.

The headquarters of the firm are located in the industrial zone of Kukuljanovo, which is on the outskirts of Rijeka, and is extremely near to the ports of Rijeka and Bakar, the Zagreb-Rijeka motorway, as well as the motorway junction for Split. At the end of 2005, our new distribution centre opened which has a covered warehouse for salt that encloses an area of 300 0m2.

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Salt is so simple and widely available that man takes it almost for granted. From a chemical perspective, it is one of the most basic molecules on earth, but without it life would be unthinkable. Since today we use salt mainly for cooking it is often not so well known that it has more than 14000 different commercial uses. It is used in the food industry, it softens water to protect machines and installations from scale, it is melted in water to prevent it from turning to ice, and it melts snow and ice on the roads. Consequently, it is critical in maintaining the roads throughout the world, and it is also essential in animal food. The simplest way to divide it is according to use: COOKING SALT, INDUSTRIAL SALT AND SALT FOR ROADS.



A little salt into coffee will reduce the bitterness of over-roasted coffee and will enhance its aroma.


Remove stains on the carpet by rubbing them straight away with alcohol that has a little salt added to it.

Health and beauty

Against fatigue – relax for at least ten minutes in a bath where you have added a few handfuls of salt.

Other uses

Candles – soak new candles in a strong salt solution for a few hours, and then dry them well. When the candles burn they won’t drip.

Our satisfied customers

We place the processed salt on the Slovenian, Croatian, Austrian, Hungarian and the Bosnian Herzegovinian markets.